Stainless Steel Glass Balustrades

High Quality Custom Built Glass Balustrades

Providing stainless steel glass balustrades in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have many styles of stainless steel glass balustrades available to suit your every need.Stainless Steel Glass Balustrades

A good balustrade should compliment an area by adding space and keeping the original style of the area. When it comes to balustrades, they can run into a lot of money as they are very labour intensive and often have to be assembled on site.

We do our very best to keep our cost to a minimum and work with you on getting the job done as quickly as possible. Having the right Balustrade can be a centre point of the house and add value to your property. If done incorrectly it can have the reverse effect. Keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb. Elegance is the key along with fantastic planning.

We offer a lot of different finishes to your balustrade from full mirror polish or to a polished brush finish which can be a cheaper alternative. But it's up to your personal taste and requirements.


Stainless Steel Balustrade