Nominal Bore Bending Specialists

High Strength Custom Bent Pipe 

If you need to get some nominal bore pipe bend to a template, the first thing you will need to investigate is what material bends best. Before you buy your material talk to us first and we can recommend which material bends easiest with the best results.

We have a wide range of dies to fit all types of material profiles including RHS, thick wall tube & more.

This type of bending is excellent for 4WD rolling rails, thicker nominal bore material handrails and other Fabrication uses.

If you would like a quote, please call us or email us with some images or drawings on what bending requirement you need.


Some Popular Nominal Bore Sizes

25mm – 82mm radius

32mm – 83mm radius

50mm – 150mm radius

57mm – 190mm radius

32mm – 100mm radius

40mm – 100mm radius

50mm – 130mm radius