Impressive Brass Handrail & Foot Rails

Brass Handrails

Brass Handrails can add an elegant and refined look to your property. We offer a range of custom built Brass Handrails and Brass Balustreaes for Commercials and Domestic properties. We can work with your builder or you directly with yourself to design and create a unique focal point of your home which will add value and be a high talking point. 

Stainless Steel & Brass Foot Rails

Installing a stainless steel or brass Foot rails to your bar can give your bar an authentic look and make sitting at a bar much more comfortable. We have onsite rolling and mandrel bending machines on hand, which allows us to add curves and bends to the foot rail and ensure a perfect fit.

It is essential when designing any fixtures or fittings for your home that you make sure it works with the existing design. We custom make all of our metal products to suit your home and requirements. Our foot rails come in a wide range of finishes including powder coating, brush finish, polished mirror finish and m