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Here are a few tips when bending RHS. The most important part of bending RHS bends is finding the right material. With so many metal material being made over seas they are all bending differently depending on if the material has been annealed or how hard the material is. We have seen some material snap straight in half and other material that will crinkle. But if your not sure on what material is best for the job simply drop us a line and we can recommend the best suppliers.

rhs BendingRolled-Stainless-Steel_022306353-150x150

The second most valuable tip we can give you is bring a piece of sample material with you this way we can do a test before you waste a whole length. The other option is to let us supply the material for you this way we an get the right grade.

Our clients spread from WA and all the way down to victoria. If you have some drawing and would like a competitive quote on mandrel bending RHS or tube drop us a line and will do our very best to help you out.