Nominal Bore Bending Specialists

Pipe bending and tube bending

If you are in need of getting some nominal bore pipe bent look no further. We have a wide range of dies to fit your every need from bending RHS to thick tubing we have the tools to get the job done. Our experienced team is always happy to help out. If you are in need of some experienced help in pushing
your project along drop by and let us help. We also offer a wide range of nominal bore size bending.

BendSome Popular Nominal Bore Sizes

25mm – 82mm radius

32mm – 83mm radius

50mm – 150mm radius

57mm – 190mm radius

32mm – 100mm radius

40mm – 100mm radius

50mm – 130mm radius

This type of bending is great for 4WD rolling rails, thicker nominal bore material handrails and other Fabrication uses.